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Important Notice

Superfast Britain suspension notice
BDUK has informed us that from Tuesday 13th October the Superfast Britain scheme has been temporarily suspended whilst they review the funds which are available.
Connection Vouchers Website

YBC Telecom will still continue to offer YBC Members the discounted Fibre Broadband and Free installation on Leased Lines.

Q: Can I get a grant or voucher for high speed broadband from YBC Telecom.

A: Yes this is something we can help you with and you can take advantage of with YBC Telecom providing you are in an area where the service is available to receive these grants or vouchers.

You must be able to receive Fibre broadband from the BT cabinet to get the grant which will reduce the monthly cost of your Fibre broadband or if you are upgrading your existing Fibre broadband to a higher speed if available.

Alternatively if Fibre from the BT cabinet is not available you would be able to claim a voucher worth up to £3,000 pounds towards the installation of a dedicated leased line but the monthly cost of this service can be in excess of £150 per month and is not subsidised by the grant.

We also like to make members aware that there are many companies cold calling about these grants or vouchers which may or may not be available, this is in order just to get you to move your services to them but it may not improve your broadband speeds unless you move to a costly leased line.

If you would like us to check the available grants or vouchers for either of these services please e-mail us on or call 0800 652 5066 0ption 3.

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