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YBC Hosted Hosted Telephone System

YBC Hosted is our very own Hosted VoIP Platform which is essentially a cloud based Telephone System that works via an internet connection.  With over 1,000 active customers, YBC Hosted can be setup simply, quickly and can be programmed to your specific requirements via our online portal.

Ideal for Businesses with multiple sites or for those who incorporate homeworkers,  YBC Hosted is is an excellent system that is both quick to setup and easy to use.  Simply connect the pre configured telephone we will send you to the internet and you can start working within a matter of seconds.

YBC Hosted takes the burden away from your IT team.  You can now manage and configure your telephone system according to your business needs by logging onto our easy to use portal. Employees can then manage their calls easily and effectively, so maximising individual productivity.

Can I use YBC Hosted in my Business ?

If you don’t have a PBX in your organisation then hosted telephony over an Broadband connection is ideal for you. YBC Hosted is a hosted IP telephony system suitable for any sized business and is particularly effective if you have multiple sites working together. It’s also capable of serving hundreds of employees.

With only a minimal capital outlay it’s a reliable and proven service and a jargon-free approach to telephony and communications. By switching you can immediately benefit from a cheaper and more flexible phone service and can also help you improve your business productivity and image.

YBC Hosted is cloud based and accessed via a web-based portal and there are no PBX maintenance costs to worry about.

Frequent Questions

On receiving your order, it is highly possible to turn your order around within 24 hours.  We will set your system up, configure your handsets, allocate your telephone numbers and ship the phones on an overnight delivery.
Our contract terms range from between 1 and 3 years depending on the agreed price and system.
Normally, YBC Hosted Hosted is more cost effective than a traditional system as you do not need expensive equipment on site for it to work.  In some instances we still recommend our Panasonic products because your location may not be suitable or broadband speeds may be poor.
With only a minimal capital outlay required, YBC Hosted is suitable for any size of business looking to improve its productivity and image.

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The Benefits of YBC Hosted

Cost Effective

YBC Hosted is very cost effective and start up costs are minor when compared to a traditional telephone system.


We pride ourselves on providing the most reliable service possible, with redundancy across the platform and multiple failover routes.


It’s easy to add new extensions, view your existing configuration, and make changes to your accounts. If you are stuck, we will provide training on how to use our system.

Pre-configured Handsets

We deliver your Telephones the next business day, pre configured to your extensions which means you can simply plug them into your broadband connection and they will work out of the box.

Home Workers

Using the YBC Hosted platform, it’s easier than ever to connect remote workers to the main office telephone system. Simply connect to the internet !

CRM Integration

Increase efficiency by clicking to dial from your CRM system, including SalesForce and SugarCRM.

Use on the Move

When you are on the move, you can significantly reduce spend with Mobile VoIP. Use the system anywhere with a Data connection including 3G.

Voicemail to Email

Never miss important Voicemail messages. We can automatically email your voicemail notifications, and can attach the voicemail as a .wav file directly to your inbox.


Conferencing is built into the portal, and each customer has a unique room assigned. You can even record entire Conference calls.

Automated Attendant

Easily add Auto Attendants to your account. You can even layer IVRs for a professional and comprehensive system.

Inbound Call Recording

Easily enable call recording on any extension from within your account.

Outbound Call Recording

Easily enable outbound call recording on any extension from within your account.

Anonymous Dialing

Choose the option to dial out anonymously any time you make a call.

Dial out from Any Number

With the YBC Hosted Hosted Telephone System, you are able to dial out from any Telephone Number in your account, including International Telephone Numbers.

time Profiles

Easily manage your inbound calls by changing call routing depending on time of day, or day of the week.

Fax to Email

Quickly and easily set up an inbound Fax to Email service. Port in an existing number or select one of our local or national numbers.

Custom Music on Hold

You can use your own custom music on hold, which can be applied throughout the YBC Hosted Portal.

Corporate Directory

Using a compatible telephone, you can quickly and easily provide company wide directories to all Hosted phones in an account.

Call Queing

Call Queues are the quickest way to manage large amounts of inbound traffic. Combine with IVRs for a professional inbound approach.

Call Groups

If you need multiple phones to ring at the same time, you can easily add as many call groups as you need. You can also transfer calls to Call Groups.

Number Translation

If you just need to forward calls, you can quickly and easily set this up. Select one of our numbers or port numbers in.  This is ideal for customers moving from one exchange to another who cannot take their number.

Built in Voicemail

Each extension comes with its own voicemail inbox, included in the cost. Dial in remotely, or easily access from your handset using 1571, the same as on the BT Network.

International Numbers

We have a huge selection of international telephone numbers from around the world to supply you with a global presence.

National Numbers

Choose from a selection of 0843, 0845, 0333 or 0300 numbers. Vanity/Memorable numbers are also available at an additional cost.

Local Numbers

Add an unlimited amount of Local telephone numbers from around the country. Vanity/Memorable numbers are also available at an additional cost.

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