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Panasonic Call Recording

YBC Telecom are pleased to introduce our range of Professional Call Recording Systems, suitable for all Major Telephone Systems.

Our ISDN 2e and ISDN 30e Call Recording Systems are very affordable, scalable and are able to simply grow with your business as you increase the maximum amount of lines connected to your Telephone System.

Our costs are guaranteed to be the lowest in the UK and for businesses wishing to record between 2 and 30 simultaneous calls at individual locations, our Call Recording Solutions are ideal. The hardware (pictured) connects directly to Analogue or ISDN trunk lines and requires a USB connection back to a PC where all of your calls are physically recorded.

Our range of Call Recorders deliver over 85,000 hours of recording on a standard PC (500 GB Hard Disk) making Call Recording effective and affordable for every installation. We stock Call Recording Systems which are available for Analogue Lines (PSTN), ISDN Basic Rate (BRI) and Primary Rate (PRI), and they will complement to any PABX system.


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The Benefits of Call Recording


It’s easy to add new extensions, view your existing configuration, and make changes to your accounts. If you are stuck, we will provide training on how to use our system.


We pride ourselves on providing the most reliable service possible, with redundancy across the platform and multiple failover routes.

Pre-configured Handsets

We deliver your Telephones the next business day, pre configured to your extensions which means you can simply plug them into your broadband connection and they will work out of the box.

Voicemail to Email

Never miss important Voicemail messages. We can automatically email your voicemail notifications, and can attach the voicemail as a .wav file directly to your inbox.


Conferencing is built into the portal, and each customer has a unique room assigned. You can even record entire Conference calls.

Automated Attendant

Easily add Auto Attendants to your account. You can even layer IVRs for a professional and comprehensive system.

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