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Calls & Lines

You can see how much money we could save your business on calls and lines, with a free bill check from one of our Telephone Specialists. Our bill check is absolutely free. There is no obligation and our experienced team will quickly identify where any potential savings can be made.

We also boast one of the most competitive tariffs on the market, which could make a big difference to your businesses phone bills.

Making the move is really easy, all you need do is tell us which numbers you want to switch, along with the billing postcode and we will take care of the rest. To make sure we’re always one step ahead, we constantly review our tariffs against key competitors to try to ensure you always receive excellent value for money.


Send a copy your bills and we will do a cost comparison free of charge
We try to make our offers simple and easy to understand with no hidden charges but if you have any questions please contact us
When you change to YBC Telecom your number will remain the same the transfer takes 10 working days it will be seamless with no loss of service
When you change to YBC Telecom we will notify you of the date the change takes place you will be billed from that date, line rental is billed one month in advance and calls one month in arrears

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The Benefits of YBC Telecom


It’s easy to add new extensions, view your existing configuration, and make changes to your accounts. If you are stuck, we will provide training on how to use our system.


We pride ourselves on providing the most reliable service possible, with redundancy across the platform and multiple failover routes.

Pre-configured Handsets

We deliver your Telephones the next business day, pre configured to your extensions which means you can simply plug them into your broadband connection and they will work out of the box.

Voicemail to Email

Never miss important Voicemail messages. We can automatically email your voicemail notifications, and can attach the voicemail as a .wav file directly to your inbox.


Conferencing is built into the portal, and each customer has a unique room assigned. You can even record entire Conference calls.

Automated Attendant

Easily add Auto Attendants to your account. You can even layer IVRs for a professional and comprehensive system.

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