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Panasonic KX-NS1000

The NS1000 system from Panasonic is a high quality, cost effective traditional small business telephone system that can be installed into your premises from as little as £50pm, a price not matched by any other system or even hosted VoIP solution boasting the same number of features and its world class reliability.

The NS1000 offers a wide range of features making it much easier to do everyday tasks within the workplace.  It can handle voicemail, auto attendant, call logging, call recording and remote home working with ease.  It also offers customers its “unique” Go Connect desktop integration software which will change the way your business operates.  Go Connect includes a number of essential tools to connect your PC, CRM system and your telephone system together.  Take a look at Panasonic Go Connect.

Will the Panasonic NS1000 Suit your business ?

The Panasonic NS700 should ideally be configured with a minimum of 20 handsets but is able to grow to accomodate up to 1000 extensions.  For smaller installations the Panasonic NS700 should be considered
NS1000 systems are complete hybrid systems that can play host to Analogue, ISDN 2e, ISDN 30e and SIP telephone lines.  The system can also be configured to combine traditional and SIP telephone lines giving you complete control of your telephony.
With the NS1000 you can a start with a simple “single office” but at a later date the system can be configured to link other offices and remote home workers back to your main location.  All of your remote users can also make or receive calls from the telephone lines installed at your head office so there is never any need for multiple line installations which of course can save your business a fortune in telephone bills.
Panasonic NS1000 installations utilise, IP and Cordless DECT Telephones.  It suits environments where structured cabline (CAT 5e or CAT 6) is in place and it is fully compatible with the entire range of Panasonic NT and UT IP Handsets which can be selected based on budget or required use.
Panasonic boast the best true DECT system available on a traditional telephone system.  Its cordless DECT handsets are connected to the system via IP cell stations that are installed by our engineers in strategic locations within your premises to deliver high quality, low cost cordless connectivity to your business.  You can also pair your desk phone with a cordless DECT handset so you can always receive calls when you are away from your desk.

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Why you should choose the NS1000

Cost Effective

Panasonic NS1000 telephone systems start from as little as £50pm which includes installation and ongoing maintenance for full piece of mind.  Upgrades are also cost effective when compared with its competitors.

Easy to Upgrade

Panasonic NS1000 systems are simple to upgrade and are scalable to accomodate even the largest businesses.  Upgrades are also very cost effective when compared with other competitors.

Very Reliable

Like the NS700 phone system, the NS1000 is extremely reliable.  Serious faults and downtime with Panasonic installations are rare which is why we highly recommend the NS1000 for any small business who cannot afford to be without their telephones for any period of time.

Easy to Use

Using the Panasonic NS1000 and its features is a breeze for users and when compared with complex telephone systems this brings down the long term cost of the investment of training and ongoing support.

Let us do the hard work

YBC Telecom will fully install, configure and program your Panasonic to your specific requirements.  We will also train your staff and provide both remote and telephone support when it is needed.  You can now let our staff worry about the tedious tasks involved with telephones whilst your employees get on with what they are paid to do !

Voicemail to Email

Never miss important Voicemail messages. We can automatically email your voicemail notifications, and can attach the voicemail as a .wav file directly to your inbox.

Audio Conferencing

The NS1000 will allow you to conference with up to 8 parties directly from your handsets.  You can even record entire Conference calls if you have call recording enabled within the system.

Automated Attendant

Choose how your calls are routed within your business using the built in comprehensive “Auto Attendant” service.

Time Profiles

Easily manage your inbound calls by changing call routing depending on time of day or day of the week.  You can select up to 4 time profiles for complex routing of calls or for different shifts.

Custom Music on Hold

The NS10000 allows you to use customer music on hold which can be scripted and professionally recorded by YBC Telecom using our own voiceover actors.

Desktop Integration

Panasonic Go Connect will allow you to integrate your computer desktop with your phone to provide a number of additional features to your NS1000 telephone system.  We cant live without these features here at YBC Telecom so take a look.

Call Queing

Call Queues are the quickest way to manage large amounts of inbound traffic. Combine with IVRs for a professional inbound approach.

Call Groups

If you need multiple phones to ring at the same time, you can easily add as many call groups as you need. You can also transfer calls to Call Groups.

Built in Voicemail

Each extension comes with its own voicemail inbox which can be activated on your handset. You can also setup voicemail boxes for groups or for out of hours services where required.

Tried and Tested

YBC Telecom have already worked with over 10,000 business customers including major corporate clients and we are still adding to this list daily !

In House Engineers

We employ our own telephone engineers who are all fully Panasonic trained and the best in their field.  We have chosen our team very carefully and over the years have developed into a trusted source of support for not only end users, but for a number of other installers across the UK.

Fully Accredited

YBC Telecom are fully accredited with Panasonic and all of our key staff have received training on all of the products we sell, install and maintain.  If there is something dont underatand about Panasonic Systems, its probably not worth knowing !


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