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SIP Telephone Lines

YBC Telecom provide an excellent alternative or backup to your traditional Telephone Lines with our SIP telephone lines.

Our YBC Hosted SIP telephone lines connect your business with our nationwide network, and provides a more flexible and lower cost alternative than traditional phone lines for inbound and outbound voice calls.  We are able to supply you with business grade SIP telephone lines that have also been tested extensively with major service providers and have full accreditation with our key partner “Panasonic” which means we are able to connect SIP telephone lines directly to the Panasonic NS700 and Panasonic NS1000 Telephone Systems we install.  This will provide lower cost telephone lines for customers where ISDN 2e or ISDN 30e is not feasible or where it is too expensive.

Since the inception of YBC Telecom, we have seen large demand for secure but more cost effective telephone lines. As a result, our SIP telephone service was developed and has been optimised to service the requirements of businesses that view security and cost as a priority.  By using proactive monitoring for both fraud and intrusion, as well as providing a suite of configurable security policies, we are proud to say that our SIP telephone lines offer customers one of the most secure services in the UK.

SIP telephone lines are a cost effective alternative to traditional telephone services and when combined with a Panasonic IP Telephone System, they can be used in a business environment as a scalable solution.  Many of our existing customers already use SIP telephone lines as a backup to their traditional analogue or ISDN lines and this is currently the most cost effective way to safeguard your business against telephone line faults or complete loss of service should a major problem occur.

Compared to traditional telephone lines our SIP service is much less costly per channel (70% cheaper) and is much more flexible in how and where geographic telephone numbers can be used. It’s also quicker to install and provision and as standard, it delivers extremely robust business continuity.  The service can support connections ranging from two lines for small PBX-equipped businesses to an unlimited number of channels for large enterprises and contact centres who may operate across multiple sites.


SIP delivers less costly, more reliable connectivity than ISDN over an IP connection. It will save you over 70% on line rentals and 25% or more on call costs.
From the moment we connect your SIP service, you will enjoy all the reliability, resilience and quality that comes from working with one of the most trusted and experienced providers in the UK. We proactively monitor and manage quality of service across our entire network – it’s the underlying network quality that makes a real difference to SIP trunking. And as a consequence we are able to support both G.729 or G.711 codecs
SIP telephone lines are enjoyed by thousands of UK organisations and this alone is testimony to its reliability. For added reassurance while you switch to us, SIP can even be used with existing ISDN connections to ensure the transition goes smoothly.  Being part of a major UK network means we can identify and fix issues faster, through advanced monitoring.
Perfect for medium or large organisations with multiple sites, not only will you save on your line rental and call costs, but you’ll get free internal calls within your organisation and a whole host of great features.
SIP telephone lines are ideal if you are moving, upsizing or downsizing and want to keep your existing numbers. Scale up lines during busy periods and back down again afterwards. You can add lines, take them away, split calls at any time as you are always in control.

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The Benefits of SIP Telephone Lines

Cost Effective

A SIP telephone line is less than 30% of the cost of a traditional line.  Installation costs are also heavily reduced and your service can be connected within minutes of placing an order with YBC Telecom.

Instant Setup

SIP Trunks can be setup and added to your Panasonic Telephone System almost instantly.  We can also make adjustments at the click of a button to adjust the amount of lines you need at any specific time which makes SIP scalable and efficient for any business.


Our SIP trunks offer redundancy across the platform and multiple failover routes.  We also employ a service team who understand SIP technology and whom can resolve any problems you may come across.

Flexible Routing

SIP telephone lines can be re-directed at the click of a button to almost any location on earth and you are able to set a schedule of where a number routes by time or date.  For example, out of hours calls are automatically routed to your mobile phone.

Number Flexibility

SIP lines allow your business to use a multitude of local, national and international numbers.  SIP is perfect for business movers as it enables your numbers to be easily retained without call forwarding costs.  This is not possible with traditional telephony as numbers are tied to telephone exchanges.

Voicemail to Email

Never miss important Voicemail messages. We can automatically email your voicemail notifications, and can attach the voicemail as a .wav file directly to your inbox.

Inbound Call Recording

Easily enable inbound call recording on any SIP telephone line without the need for expensive equipment.

Outbound Call Recording

Easily enable outbound call recording on any SIp telephone lines without the need for expensive equipment.

Anonymous Dialing

Choose the option to dial out anonymously any time you make a call.

Dial out from Any Number

Our SIP telephone lines are able to “spoof” another telephone number you may own.  This works great where you use traditional telephone lines to receive calls but you want to make outbound calls via SIP as it allows you to show your main number to the recipient.

International Numbers

We have a huge selection of international telephone numbers from around the world to supply you with a global presence.

National Numbers

Choose from a selection of 0843, 0845, 0333 or 0300 numbers. Vanity/Memorable numbers are also available at an additional cost.

Local Numbers

Add an unlimited amount of Local telephone numbers from around the country. Vanity/Memorable numbers are also available at an additional cost.


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